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Giving your people smarter choices for energy efficient technology

The Energy Loop is a revolutionary new venture that gives the people in your organisation collective buying power to install energy efficient products in their homes. It's an ideal employee benefit, and it supports your corporate sustainability values too.

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About The Energy Loop

We’re a not-for-profit venture that saves people money by empowering them to make smarter energy efficient choices for their homes.

No doubt you’ve already made changes in the workplace, investing to improve your company’s efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint. We understand that showing your ongoing commitment to sustainability is important to your people, and it’s a great way to nurture the values of your organisation.

The Energy Loop is backed by experts and already working with some of the UK’s leading companies to boost both employee benefits and overall CSR. Join us as we inspire the UK by connecting its workforce with smarter energy efficient deals.

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  • Your people help lead the innovation

What we offer your people

There are amazing smart technologies emerging every day that have the potential to transform energy efficiency at home — and save us all money.

The Energy Loop uses the collective group-buying power of your people to get the best prices, bringing together the latest and smartest products or services in one place. We’re not tied to any manufacturers, so we can pick the best of what’s available, and our approved installer network takes care of the rest. We explain everything in plain honest language, so buyers understand the market and know what they’re getting. The Energy Loop is changing the industry with our straight-talking service and selection of the most up-to-date smart energy tech products and ideas.

How it works for your organisation

Your organisation takes sustainability seriously. So it’s the right time to demonstrate that you care about the environment and your employees, by putting energy efficiency on the agenda both in the office and at home.

The Energy Loop can help reduce your utilities costs in the workplace, by encouraging more efficiency awareness. And perhaps the best thing is that our partners tell us this inspires a ‘better together’ culture, and encourages us all to work for the benefit of the group.

Show your company’s commitment to sustainability values

Help your people reduce their living costs

Be part of innovative energy solutions

Help develop a not-for-profit service and nurture a collective vision